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Saturday, February 22, 2003
Car Accident

I just realized when I was looking at the date on the site that today
is the anniversary of my car accident. Seven years ago today, I was
in very serious auto accident. I was hit head on by two oncoming
suburbans. I was in a mid-size Mitsubishi Gallant. They hit me doing
about 55 miles per hour, I was doing about 40. That accident was
something that profoundly changed my life.

In the accident, my right leg was broken in three places.
Two tendons snapped and the bone shaft was seriously bruised all the
way up to my knee.

I spent six months on crutches before I could even walk again.
I spent the next six months after that limping severely. The cartilage in my
ankle had been seriously damaged, and over the next year it
degenerated and disintegrated. Leaving my bones scraping painfully
against each other with each step. It's not possible to describe what
it's like to live with that type of chronic pain. Literally every
minute of the day is filled with pain, walking, sitting, laying,
sleeping. You can never escape it. After a year I got my ankle

The fusion allowed me to lead a relatively pain free life. Although I
occasionally still experience pain, honestly I'm lucky that I live so
free from pain today. I have great respect for those people who live
with constant pain for extended periods of time. Just from the
relatively short period of time I lived with it, my character grew
immensely. Needless to say, I have a very different outlook on life
today than I did seven years ago.

As a side note, right about two weeks before my accident, my aunt
Susan (who was then a paramedic, and is now a deputy sheriff), gave me
the tongue lashing of a lifetime. She was ticked that I wasn't wearing my seatbelt
*everytime* I got into a car. She chewed me out for well over an
hour, and wouldn't let me leave until I promised up one side and down
another that I would wear it everytime. She saved my life.

Thank you Susan.

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