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Friday, February 28, 2003
Hammered SQL Server

I was preparing an update for the QC department today when I realized that some of the data wouldn't
fit in one of the fields. After talking it over with the lead developer, we decided it would be best to change
this field from varchar(255) to text. This particular Table has just over 900,000 rows in it. I started
the switch about 4 hours ago, and it's still running. In fact, the server is so hammered, I can't connect
to it with Enterprise manager, Query Analyzer or even just remote desktop into the server. The ironic
part is this conversion was only on the development server. I now have to do the same process on
the QC server, get the data QC'd, and then move it to the production server.

This is whole process is feeling a lot like a train wreck. The tables on this database sorely need
to be reorganized, and optimized. I don't think it should take this long to do *anything* to a table
this small. Of course since I'm still pretty new at this company (3 weeks) it'll take some time
before I can talk them into letting me optimize the tables.

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