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Tuesday, February 25, 2003
Saddam to Bush: Let's debate

Saddam challenged President Bush to a debate today.
At first I was interested to see this, thinking perhaps it would shed some light
on the Iraqi leaders postion, then I started thinking about it.

Traditionally leaders like Saddam (Hitler, Mussoline, Stalin, etc.) have been very
charismatic. They are typically well spoken and know how to manipulate a crowd
or a country. That is why they become so powerful in the first place, they are able
to convince the public that their plan's are good and just. Looking from the outside,
the injustice seems easy to see, but as an insider people
are often taken by the charismatic qualities of these leaders.

Saddam debating President Bush may not be such a good idea. While I like President
Bush, I'm not sure how well he would fare in a debate with a highly charismatic leader
like Saddam. Of course it may not be an issue since Saddam would ostensibly
be speaking through an interpreter. It'll be interesting to see how the anti-war protesters
latch onto this.

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