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Saturday, February 22, 2003
Welcome to my blog

Well that was fun, my first blog post got sent into the aethernet.
The interface to blogger is a little confusing. Right above the text
area, there is a "posts" button. I hit that button instead of the post
button on the right hand side of the screen.

Oh well, it wasn't that ground shattering of a post, it did however
re-inforce a valuable lesson. Never actually type anything of
significance into a web page. It's too easy to accidentally hit a
button and zap it.

This time I'm typing my blogs into Emacs, which I finally got built
and running on my power book. :)

I guess I should start with a bit of introduction.

My name is Doug Tolton. I live in Utah with my wife Lisa and our
three cats (Bonnie, Clyde & Bandit). We used to have four, but
attrition finally caught up with us. In all honesty I'm suprised we
didn't have more problems than we did.

I am a programmer by trade, pretty much exclusively on the Microsoft
platform. Although when I come home, the machine I use is my
powerbook running Mac OS 10.2. I program mainly in C#, VB and Asp.
Although I'm trying to get away from VB as much as possible. I have
used the dotnet platform for the last year and a half. I mainly use
SQL Server 2000 as the database backend for my work.

Althought that's what I do for a living, I love working with the
Unixes. FreeBSD is my platform of choice. I tried the Linux distros
(Redhat and Debian) but they seemed fraught with problems to me, or I
just didn't want to take the time to mess with them. I've had
several BSD or Linux machines running over the years, but I've never
been able to switch over and use one for my main workstation until
now. :) With the advent of OS X, I have the OS I've been waiting
for my whole life.

I may add more introductory stuff later, or maybe I'll just add a bio
area to this site, if I get around to it one day. ;) I finally got
Emacs built on this machine so I can start learning some Lisp
programming. After reading Paul
site for a while, I've decided to give it a try.

Well time to go take a shower, I've been playing around with this all
morning. :)

p.s. good thing I typed that into Emacs, my session timed out while I was typing it. :-)

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