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Friday, March 07, 2003
CVS Wierdness

Well, maybe one day I'll remember my own lesson about not typing
anything important into a browser. Of course I lost this post the
first time I typed it.

I encountered a strange problem today. I was updating my local copy
of a Visual Basic 6 project, one of my developers had made a change to
the program, so I wanted to get the most recent version. I noticed
however that my file was only 8k, yet the updated copy on my
developers machine was 33k. I had him add a comment to his file and
commit it again, then I tried to update my copy. Still 8k. I had him
e-mail me a copy of his code, then I copied the recent version of his
code over the top of my directory. I committed the changes to CVS.
When I tried to update I didn't get any error messages and I still had
the 33k file, so I thought I was good.

To be on the safe side I decided to try downloading the project to a
different directory. When I pulled the code down from CVS, it only
came with the 8k version of the file. I tried to remove the file from
CVS and re-add it, that didn't work. I tried removing the file from
CVS, copying a good copy of the file to the directory and renaming
it. Same problem when I tried to retrieve it. When I looked at the
file repository on CVS it was only 10k.

At this point I started diffing the 8k file with the 33k file.
WinMerge thought the files were identical. That obviously wasn't the
case, so off I went in search of WinDiff.

Incidentally WinDiff was a little difficult to locate. I found it at
Microsoft's site, but you could only download it with all of the other
Visual Studio Examples in a bundle. The bundle was 137 MB, so I
decided to look elsewhere. I found a nice looking front end
replacement for windiff, unfortunately it required windiff be
installed to run. Finally I found a site that had all of the Visual
Studio Examples individually packaged for download.

When I WinDiffed the two files I could easily see that the upload to
CVS was stopped at a specific character in the file. Armed with this
knowledge I opened the good copy of the VB Form. I went to the
location where the upload was stopping and found a control character.
VB just renders these as a hollow square block. I copyed the
character into UltraEdit and determined it was character 0x1A or
decimal 26.

The specific section of code that contained this character was looking
for occurances of this character in a file and removing it. I changed
the code to look for chr(26) instead. After making this
change and uploading it to CVS, I was able to pull down the full 33k

I still don't know exactly what about that character was causing
either CVS or the Network to puke. It's obvious now though that it
shouldn't occur in a text file.

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