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Monday, April 14, 2003
Blog Rewrite

I've been toying with the idea of writing my own blogging tool. I
prefer the idea of fried to baked (ie dynamically generated versus
pre-generated) at least in the short term. If traffic were ever to
become a problem and my server couldn't keep up with the page
requests (unlikely), I could always switch to a baked model.

I'm leaning towards writing it using Apache / mod_python / mysql.
I've tinkered with these before, but I haven't built a decent project
using them yet. Currently at work I use C# and Microsoft Sql Server,
I don't do any .aspx work at my current position (although that could
change), but I've done quite a bit in the past.

The last few months I've really been getting fed up with Microsoft
and their whole approach to software. Take for example MS Office,
every new version of the software has been entirely incompatible with
the previous versions. This trend goes back for well over a decade,
and it extends to nearly every product they release (Excel, Word,
Access, Visual Studio, Windows ...) John Walker
this phenomenon in depth. As he puts it Microsoft is using a
"strategic incompatibility" in order to keep people upgrading to
newer versions of the software. This process has gnawed at me for
years, but recently it's become a real philosophical problem for
me. As I've read the writings of Phil Graham, Richard Stallman and
Linus Torvalds I've become more and more convinced that we need a
good set of free software, if for nothing else, maybe we can finally
advance the state of software beyond solving the same problems we
have been solving for twenty years.

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