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Wednesday, April 16, 2003
Visual Studio Licensing

We enountered an interesting problem at work today. We added a
third-party component for secure ftp to one of our projects.
Immediately after adding this component, I was no longer able to
compile the solution. I kept getting the error "unable to copy
the file to the output directory", the dll was apparently
locked. After some serious searching, and attempting to remove
every last vestige of this component from my system I finally
determined what the problem was.

Apparently the license files with Visual Studio .Net have some
ability to connect to a remote server and validate the license
of a component. This process has some inherent bugs in it that
lock the dll preventing a compilation until you exit Visual Studio
.Net and delete the dll. When you reload VS.NET you can compile
once, until you run into the same problem.

If you uninstall the program, remove the license file, delete
the dll and reboot the system, the problem goes away. Nice
addition, thanks again Microsoft.

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