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Friday, January 23, 2004
Elegant Code

There are days when you write code that just feels ugly and hard
to read. Those times when you know that there must be a
cleaner, easier way to do this, but you can't for the life of
you think of it. It feels as if you were lobotomized against
your will and without your knowledge.

Then there are those days when it clicks, and you do think of
that cleaner easier way. When that happens, and you look at the
clean lines of logic and the natural flow to your code, you feel
an almost mystical sense of peace and tranquility as you bask in
the glow of your monitor. Knowing that you have produced a
thing of beauty.

Imagine being a painter, someone that is relatively good, but you
can still see all the flaws in your paintings, each little
imperfection cries out as if it were suffering an injustice.
Something that others praise as masterpiece looks like nothing
more than hodgepodge, a random collection of brush strokes without
any cohesive plan. Programming is that way to me, rarely do I
produce a piece of code that pefectly matches my own ideal of
consistency, elegance and beauty. When I do though, the feeling
is of pure elation.

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