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Wednesday, January 21, 2004
Lisp Web Server

A few weeks ago I ran across this page.
It's an interesting study about building web applications using
lisp. This is something I've had a very serious interest in
since I have been reading Paul Grahams web site. They look to
have built a relatively serious dynamic web site using Lisp.
They used Portable Allegro Serve and several other open source
Lisp technologies. They also mentioned a Web Application server
they built called KPAX. They had not yet released the source
code, but they said they would release that code at some point
in the future.

Today is that day, they have made the KPAX source code available
at this site: KPAX.

I'm excited about this, because the two primary alternatives
that I have been considering for building web applications have
been Zope (python based) and using one of the Lisp based
frameworks. The problem that I've seen until now is the
relative immaturity of the Lisp based frameworks. KPAX is one
of the last major pieces that need to be in place. From the
sound of it, the code is in working condition, but they don't
plan to work on it any further. I'll talk to the authors and see
how they would feel about me starting a project on source forge.