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Friday, January 16, 2004
Logical Fallacies

This is a good reference for those of you that like to
debate discuss world events.

It's really amazing how many people will resort to ad hominem
attacks during a discussion, many times without even realizing
they are doing it.

The other night when I was listening to Michael Savage, he was
ripping on Hillary Clinton for a speech she was giving. He kept
playing a clip of her over and over again, because she was angry
when she was speaking. He never addressed the content of her
speech, only that she was angry. His comments in my opinion
were simply personal attacks because he couldn't combat her
logic. While I generally don't like Hillary's politics, she
made a good point in this speech. I find it interesting that
even though she made a good point, Michael Savage wouldn't admit
it. Instead, he attacked her on the only thing he could, her
tone of voice. I thought it was lame.

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