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Thursday, March 24, 2005
Well, I figured I'd start posting to this blog again. I had a different blog at http://mbawulf.blogspot.com, while I was considering business school. At this point, I've ruled out attending business school, at least for the short term.

Dave Massey one of the IE developers posted this article: http://blogs.msdn.com/dmassy/archive/2005/03/22/400689.aspx

It is primarily a response to the Mozilla post he references there. Personally I didn't find his arguments very compelling. It is interesting to note that Microsoft is no longer singing the tune that IE is "part of the OS". They were making that claim pretty hard when they were being sued by the Justice Department. Now that the lawsuit is over, it's no longer part of the OS?

There was an interesting comment on that page as well. They were talking about bug free code, and someone said that people aren't willing to pay for truly bug free code. This argument floored me. What do you mean people aren't willing to pay for bug free code? When have we even had that as an option? That type of blanket statement is in my view the problem that plagues Microsoft. Perhaps the problem lies in writing all of their code in C++. Maybe the problem is just that they are no longer the small nimble software company, but the big behemoth. Ultimately with an attitude that people don't want to pay for bug free code, open source will continue to eat into their market share. People do want bug free code, and perhaps they don't want to pay any more for it, but as long as we can get free software that is more secure and more bug free than software that costs hundreds of dollars, people will continue to defect to open source.

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