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Thursday, April 28, 2005
Whacked out file server

So we have a file server that serves images and files for our web site at my work. It houses upward of fifty million images, and recently we have started to have serious problems with the machine. All of the sudden the box becomes unresponsive to network requests for 20 to 50 seconds. Initially we thought it was the virus scanner, but we've gone so far as to completely uninstall it, and the problems persist. Unfortunately the problems are highly erratic and we are having one helluva time trying to narrow it down. I finally ended up writing a python script that will randomly check for the existance of images so we can determine if the machine itself is bogging down during these outages or if it's related only to network traffic. I would be interested in moving the images all to a BSD box with a samba share and see if we have the same problems. Intermittant server problems are the worst! :(

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