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Wednesday, October 12, 2005
Rooming with strangers

I'm headed to the Startup School this weekend. In order to save on cost I've decided to split the cost of the room with three complete strangers. Financially it works out that it's a good deal. It turns out that all three of them are from my state, and they live in my area. I was a bit suprised that anyone else from my state would be attending. Funny how things turn out.

I'm getting ready to release a version 1 of a project I've been hacking on for a few weeks now. It's a rule based random name generator (Rubarang). More details to come. My last site skillfulstudent has stalled to some degree, the partner I'm working with moved to another city and we rarely see each other any more. We talk on the phone relatively frequently, but it hasn't been enough to keep the project rolling well. Hopefully we'll get some of these kinks worked out and get it rolling again. Either way, I have several other projects in mind, and after I get this first version of the Rubarang out, it's on to other things.

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